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MCM-RS232 Microcontroller Decoder Module

When combined with the EM2 Receiver Module and the Ferrite Antenna, this module provides time information in standard RS232 data format via a serial interface. External buffering to full RS232 levels is required and can be achieved using a proprietary RS232 level shifter IC. The advantage of the module compared to direct host decoding of the receiver output is the presence of exact decoded time information all of the time and no processing overhead.

The module also features a real time clock that recalibrates itself against the Atomic Radio Time Signal when it synchronises with the Atomic Radio Time Signal.

This module is one of three components available from Galleon Systems needed to build your own msf radio time receiver.

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MCM-RS232 General Specifications:

Dimensions 22mm x 13mm x 5mm approx.
Nominal operating voltage +3V DC
Operating voltage range +2.4V DC to +3.6V DC
Recommended voltage range 3V to 5.25V
Current consumption at+3V active 1mA - Standby: 50-A
Standby 1mA
Output Power control output (for EM2S), Switching output (for external time control) via suitable circuitry
Inputs Time code data input (from EM2S), or EM6
Serial data input from host PC via suitable level converter
Serial data output to host PC via suitable level converter

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