NTP Servers and NTP Clocks

Accurate & reliable time synchronisation. NTP time servers & network clocks available. High quality solutions for total time accuracy…

GPS NTP Server

GPS NTP Server

Enterprise level dedicated GPS Network Time Server. The Galleon NTS range of NTP servers feature a GPS reference clock to provide secure, accurate and reliable time synchronization across your network… View more »

Synchronised Large Digital Wall Clocks

Network Clocks & Displays

Digital and analogue network clock systems are the perfect partner for any Galleon NTP time server providing accurate NTP synchronised time throughout your organization via an Ethernet connection… View more »

Dual Channel GPS/MSF NTP Server

Dual Channel NTP Server

Network Time Servers incorporating a GPS time receiver and a Radio time receiver to ensure that your network always receives and supplies accurate time from the strongest time source… View more »

Radio NTP Server

Radio NTP Server

Dedicated Radio Network Time Servers. The Galleon NTS range of NTP servers feature a MSF reference clock to provide precise, reliable and secure time synchronization throughout your organisation… View more »

Time Server

Time Server

The Galleon TS range of GPS and Radio NTP Time Servers will synchronise your existing network of Windows, LINUX or UNIX operating system based computers with microsecond precision… View more »

GPS/MSF Time Receiver

Time Receiver

The Galleon AC range of GPS and radio receiver clocks supply millisecond accurate time to a single Windows based computer, time critical device or application… View more »

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Luton Sixth Form College

“Delighted with the speed and thoroughness of your response, thanks Galleon”

Robert Moir from Luton Sixth Form College.

“Feedback was prompt and provided all necessary information requested. I was very pleased with all my interactions with Galleon. Hopefully the product is so dependable that I never have to rate my warranty service”

Sylvain Leclerc.

Quadrant Security Group

“Galleon were most helpful, polite and kept me well informed at all times. Great Service. Thank you”

Paul Bailey. Quadrant Security Group

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