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Galleon Systems have been providing time synchronisation and atomic clock related products for nearly two decades, becoming specialists in the synchronisation of computer networks and technology.

Galleon's wide range of time synchronisation products include dedicated Network Time Protocol servers (NTP servers) that can synchronise entire networks, and simple atomic clock receivers that connect to a single PC.

Galleon Systems NTP Time Servers and Network Clocks and Displays and are used by organisations across the globe and provide reliable synchronised time 24 hours a day 365 days a year! Here are just a few of our customers:

Galsys partial client list, Rolls-Royce, Vodaphone, eon, Ford, Tesco, Bank of England

No matter what your requirements Galleon's experience means they can provide the right product for accurate and reliable time synchronisation for whatever use. Time synchronisation products from Galleon Systems come with lifetime technical support and six year warranties on all dedicated NTP time servers.

Customer Testimonials

Galleon Systems are exceptionally pleased with the numerous relationships we have built with our customers. Here's what a couple of them have to say about us:

Eastbourne College

"I would like to thank Galleon Systems for assisting an A level pupil with his Design and Technology project here at the College. Your swift response to our sample request has given him confidence to build a radio code clock using PIC programming techniques.

"I am happy to say the radio chip worked first time and he is now delving into the requirements of RS232 protocol. I will ensure that your company is given credit in his project documentation. Thanks again for helping to get the next generation of electronics design engineers on the first rung of the ladder."

Richard Walder, Physics Dept Eastbourne College

RSL City Space

"We purchased the device for use within a certificate printing machine at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. The machine prints certificates with the exact Greenwich Mean time printed onto it and also drives an LED clock. It was therefore essential we had the time synchronisation exactly right."

Ben Ryder, IT Technician, RSL Kiosks

Read more client comments.

Galleon's range of atomic clock and NTP time synchronisation products include GPS time servers that can receive a source of atomic clock time 24-hours-day, 365 days-a-year. And radio referenced time servers that can receive atomic clock signals from organisations such as NPL (National Physical Laboratory) and NIST (National Institute of Standards and Time).

All of Galleon Systems' time synchronisation products are simple to install and automatically update time with no user intervention required, and include:

  • 3 Year warranty on ServerARC, ServerGPS, WorkstationARC and WorkstationGPS NTP Time Server products
  • Free Lifetime Technical support on all products
  • Customisation of products – if we haven't got the exact time synchronisation product you require, please contact us and we can modify the standard products to your specific needs
  • NTP server products receive either MSF radio signals (broadcast from Cumbria, UK) DCF signals (German and Europe wide radio coverage), WWVB signals (USA radio signals distributed by NIST in Colorado) or GPS satellite signals (available worldwide)
  • If you want you can have both GPS and radio time sources linked to your Galleon NTP Time Server for increased reliability in the event that one time source becomes temporarily unavailable

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GPS NTP Server

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Network Time Server

MSF NTP Server

A complete solution for synchronising the time across any computer network.

Time Server

GPS Network Time Server

GPS clock providing time synchronisation for computer systems

Time Receiver

MSF Time Receiver

A complete solution for synchronising the time on a single computer to the MSF (radio) atomic time signals.