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Ferrite Antenna

Pre-aligned LC (coil and capacitor) tuned ferrite antenna is specifically designed for use with the EM2S Receiver Module.

This antenna is tuned to receive the 60 kHz MSF radio signal broadcast from National Physics Laboartory radio transmitter at Anthorn in Cumbria. This antenna can also be used from within the United States to receive the WWVB radio time signal.

An antenna tuned to 77.5 kHz is also available for use within Germany to pick up the DCF time signal (this signal also covers most of Central and Western Europe, including France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland and Northern Italy).

This antenna is one of three components available from Galleon Systems needed to build your own msf radio time receiver.

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Antenna General Specifications:

Dimensions 60mm x 13mm
Nominal operating frequency 60 kHz (MSF or WWVB) or 77.5 KHz (DCF)
Resonant frequency 60 kHz - 300Hz or 77.5 - 300Hz
Bandwidth (-3dB) 700Hz
Sensitivity 8-V output voltage with 100'V.m-1 field strength

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