Why Buy an NTP Server?

Time synchronization has never been as vital for network reliability and security as it is today. With more and more transactions and applications being conducted across the Internet and across time zones it is crucial that machines are synchronized.

GPS NTP server

Failure to have adequate UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) synchronization will mean your network could be vulnerable to potential security hazards and furthermore, failing to adequately synchronize a network can cause:

Galleon NTS 6001 Series NTP Server

Internet time sources are available for the purposes of time synchronization but they are notoriously unreliable and as they operate outside the firewall an Internet time source can lead to security issues. Most Internet time sources are also stratum 2 devices meaning they get their time from another device which in turn is synchronised to an atomic clock.

However, a Galleon Systems dedicated stratum 1 NTP time server:

  • Connects directly to an atomic clock reference signal using either GPS or radio technology
  • Uses a secure UTC time source external to the network so no firewall breaches
  • Allows security authentication
  • Provides a source of accurate time 24 hours a day 365 days a year
  • Provides accurate synchronization to within a few milliseconds of UTC
  • Will synchronize a network of hundreds or even thousands of devices
internet security diagram

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Because of the lack of security authentication and the risk of leaving an open UDP port in the firewall, Microsoft, amongst others, also strongly advise that you gather the time from a hardware source.

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