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Whilst a NTP Server (Network Time Protocol) can accurately synchronise a network of hundreds and thousands of machines to within a few milliseconds seconds of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), a simpler version of the protocol is available for less precise implementations. SNTP is installed in many modern operating systems and can be used to synchronise a device using a multitude of Internet time sources.

However, Internet time sources require an open UDP port (123) which can not only compromise security but also internet time sources can not be authenticated by NTP. It is therefore recommended by Microsoft, amongst others, that you gather the time from a hardware source.

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It should also be noted that most online UK SNTP servers do not receive the time direct from an atomic clock. These are regarded as stratum 2 devices by NTP in that they get their time from a stratum 1 device.

At Galleon we have a number of SNTP server products that are stratum 1 devices. These get the time direct from atomic clock sources, ensuring accurate and secure time synchronisation. Many of our time synchronisation products can receive the external time direct from national time frequency standards such as the MSF signal broadcast by NPL from Cumbria in the UK.

We also have a multitude of GPS NTP server products. GPS is available everywhere on the planet and can provide accurate synchronisation to within a few milliseconds of UTC.

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