UK NTP Server

Transmitted from Cumbria the MSF time and frequency broadcast is available throughout the UK. Galleon MSF NTP time servers utilise this highly accurate and secure source of UTC time & distribute it across your network!

anthorn NPL MSF Signal Coverage

Secure, accurate and reliable time synchronisation in the UK could not be made any easier thanks to our UK NTP servers that receive an atomic clock time signal directly from the National Physics Laboratory (NPL).

Far more secure and accurate than sources of Internet time a UK NTP server is:

  • Stratum 1 and receives the MSF radio broadcast from Cumbria
  • Uses MSF as an external source of time so there are no open ports in the firewall
  • Allows security authentication
  • Can provide a source of time 24 hours a day 365 days a year
  • Can provide accurate synchronization to within a few milliseconds of UTC
  • Can synchronize a network of hundreds or even thousands of devices

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GPS time servers are also available that utilise and equally secure and accurate source of atomic clock time from the Global Positioning System (GPS). More information on our GPS time server is available.

Below are a couple of our products which utilise either the GPS signal or the MSF signal to help provide Time synchronisation to computers and network systems.

Network MSF Time Server

NTP server GPS

Galleon's NTP Server GPS Atomic Clock time server obtains accurate time from the Global Positioning System (GPS) to provide a accurate solution to computer time synchronisation.

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NTP server GPS

8000 MSF ntp server

Galleon's NTS-8000-MSF Network Time Server combines a MSF based atomic radio clock with a Windows operating system computer, offering you straight forward configuration and management.

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More information on Galleon GPS NTP servers

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GPS NTP Server

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GPS clock providing time synchronisation for computer systems

Time Receiver

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