Time Synchronisation Hardware Products

Set the correct time on a computer or network using Radio controlled atomic clocks

Industrial Atomic Radio Clock

Industrial Atomic radio controlled computer clock

The Industrial Atomic Clock from Galleon is an older design than the Desktop housed in a more robust case.

Time and Date Atomic radio controlled computer clock

The Time & Date unit is a low cost Atomic clock receiver with a serial interface but no visual indication of time or signal strength.

Roof Top (IP65) Atomic radio controlled computer clock

The Roof top Atomic clock is designed for applications that require the antenna to be mounted up to 170m (500 feet) away from the computer. For example if the computer is in a screened computer room, or underground. The Roof Top unit consists of an antenna module sealed to IP65, a decoder module positioned close to the computer and a power supply.

Time Synchronisation Hardware Products

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Popular Products

GPS NTP Server

GPS NTP Server

A Network timeserver using the GPS signal to synchronise time across large computer networks.

NTP Network Clock

Network Clock Display

The perfect partner for any Galleon NTP server or time server. Display Consistent and accurate time throughout your organization.

Network Time Server

MSF NTP Server

A complete solution for synchronising the time across any computer network.

Time Server

GPS Network Time Server

GPS clock providing time synchronisation for computer systems

Time Receiver

MSF Time Receiver

A complete solution for synchronising the time on a single computer to the MSF (radio) atomic time signals.