About NTP Time Servers

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Galleon has a comprehensive range NTP time servers and Time Synchronisation equipment for computers and computer networks. Our NTP time servers can accurately synchronise to MSF, DCF or GPS time sources and provide a stable source of time to network time clients. Network time clients can be synchronised to within milliseconds of the correct time. Time synchronisation of clients on a network ensures that time critical processes can proceed without error.

About NTP Time Servers

Network Time Protocol is a service extensively used to synchronise the network time clients on a TCP/IP network. Network time client software is available for: Windows NT/2000/XP, 95/98/Me, Server 2003, Novell, LINUX, UNIX. NTP Time Server provides a simple method of putting accurate time information into a network. NTP is the most reliable method for sharing time information on a network. NTP Time Server offers a perfect solution for providing accurate and synchronised time throughout a network. The concept is as simple as plugging the Server into the network, configuring the unit and allowing any client to request highly accurate time form the NTP Time Server

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GPS NTP Server

GPS NTP Server

A Network timeserver using the GPS signal to synchronise time across large computer networks.

NTP Network Clock

Network Clock Display

The perfect partner for any Galleon NTP server or time server. Display Consistent and accurate time throughout your organization.

Network Time Server

MSF NTP Server

A complete solution for synchronising the time across any computer network.

Time Server

GPS Network Time Server

GPS clock providing time synchronisation for computer systems

Time Receiver

MSF Time Receiver

A complete solution for synchronising the time on a single computer to the MSF (radio) atomic time signals.