Public NTP Servers

Online NTP servers are available as a source of atomic time or UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). The UK internet time servers listed on this page are taken from NTP.Servers Web and were correct on 2011-01-07.

hand with ethernet cable to receive public NTP server time

However, the time derived from internet time sources may be innacurate and it requires you to breach your firewall in order to obtain the signal, potentially giving hackers and or viruses entry to your network!

The only secure and accurate method of synchronising the correct time across a computer network is to use a dedicated NTP server. These devices receive an external atomic clock time signal often by GPS or even by radio transmissions and sit safely behind your firewall!

But, if we still haven't convinced you that a Galleon Systems dedicated network time server is the best choice - here are the lists of stratum 1 and stratum 2 NTP servers available on the internet:

See the site for a full list of Public NTP Primary (stratum 1) Time Servers

Please also see the links at the bottom of the page for more information on NTP strata and internet time sources

UK Public NTP Primary (stratum 1) Time Servers
HostName: AccessPolicy: ServerContact: LastModified: RestrictedAccess 2010-10-05T21:22:50Z RestrictedAccess Ian Marsh ( 2010-12-19T16:25:35Z OpenAccess C Buckingham ( 2004-09-27T02:14:29Z RestrictedAccess timelords @ 2010-09-26T12:49:00Z ClosedAccess 2004-09-27T02:17:55Z

Again, see the site for a full list of Public NTP Secondary (stratum 2) Time Servers

UK Public NTP Secondary (stratum 2) Time Servers
HostName: AccessPolicy: Notify? ServerContact: LastModified: RestrictedAccess Yes timelords @ 2010-09-26T12:44:55Z OpenAccess No 2004-09-24T03:14:50Z OpenAccess Yes 004-09-24T03:14:27Z OpenAccess Yes Alison Wheeler - 2010-12-29T14:19:20Z RestrictedAccess Yes timelords @ 2010-09-26T12:45:44Z OpenAccess No 2004-09-24T03:13:51Z RestrictedAccess Yes 2004-09-24T01:27:00Z OpenAccess Yes or 2004-09-24T03:12:10Z OpenAccess No 2004-09-24T03:13:01Z OpenAccess No 2008-05-01T19:26:09Z RestrictedAccess No 2005-08-19T11:34:00Z OpenAccess No Ian Gordon ( 2004-09-24T03:11:56Z OpenAccess No 2004-09-24T01:17:00Z OpenAccess No 2006-06-07T18:55:04Z OpenAccess No 2009-04-02T14:54:47Z OpenAccess No DanielBartlett 2007-07-23T16:59:12Z OpenAccess No 2010-08-30T09:39:53Z OpenAccess No 2004-09-24T03:15:00Z OpenAccess No 2006-03-19T13:56:36Z RestrictedAccess Yes 2004-09-24T01:29:00Z OpenAccess No Dave Fisher (mitkaffee AT generalmail dot ch) 2010-03-03T17:05:47Z OpenAccess Yes 2004-09-24T01:36:32Z OpenAccess Yes 2006-03-27T12:56:41Z RestrictedAccess Yes timelords @ 2010-09-26T12:46:27Z OpenAccess Yes 2006-03-27T13:02:46Z OpenAccess Yes 2004-09-24T01:29:00Z

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