TimeSync NTP FAQ

Q. What is NTP?
A. NTP is an Internet protocol for time synchronisation. For more details on it look at our NTP page.
Q. What is broadcast NTP?
A. NTP includes an option to broadcast a time signal.
Q. My LAN has no broadcast NTP, how do I set it up?
A. TimeSync NTP will run in a time server mode where it will broadcast the time from the PC on which it is run.
Q. Why are only some of the PCs being updated when I use broadcasts?
A. Time broadcasts are limited to the local subnet; make sure that TimeSync NTP is set up to broadcast to all the required subnets.
Q. Can I use TimeSync NTP with sntp?
A. Yes, you can use TimeSync NTP as a server for sntp clients.
Q. TimeSync NTP doesn't seem to handle daylight/summer time in Europe?
A. The windows Date/Time control panel must be set to the correct Timezone for your machine for TimeSync NTP to work properly. Make sure that this is correct.
Q. The NT version doesn't update the clock when nobody is logged in?
A. Use the setting-control panel-services to edit TimeSync NTP's start-up settings. Set the TimeSync NTP service to run under the 'Administrator' account

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