Galleon Server GPS Clock

Galleon Server GPS Clock Unit

Red 'Data' LED does not flash at 1 second intervals^ top

The red 'Data' LED should flash at one second intervals to indicate that serial data is being sent from the GPS receiver.

Solution: Check that the microcontroller unit and the GPS antenna unit are both powered on. Check the cabling between the two connector boxes.

Green 'Synch' LED stays on continuously^ top

The green 'Synch' LED when on, indicates that the Microcontroller is waiting for the receiver to lock on to enough satellites to give the time.

Solution: On a new installation it could take a considerable amount of time for the GPS unit to lock on to enough satellites. It may help to reposition the antenna, so that it has a clear view of the sky in all directions (180 degrees).

GPS Cabling Requirements^ top

0.2 mm six core security / alarm cable is required between the two connector boxes in order to position the GPS antenna on a roof top. Cable rolls are available from Galleon Systems Limited on request.

Power Supply Requirements^ top

The GPS unit requires two 12V centre positive power supplies. One power supply for the microcontroller unit and a further one for the GPS antenna.

Signal Reception^ top

Providing the antenna has a good clear view of the sky in all directions, a GPS signal can be received anywhere in the world.

Maximum Cabling Distance^ top

The maximum distance between the antenna unit and the GPS receiver unit is 1km, using 6 core cable. Cable rolls are available from Galleon Systems Limited on request.

Will the GPS antenna operate in a window^ top

The GPS antenna requires a clear view of the sky for correct operation. A reduced view of the sky may not guarantee good signal reception. However, for most locations the GPS antenna will work correctly sited on a window ledge.

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