NTS-6001-MSF Radio Network Time Server


The NTS-6001 is a 1U high, rack-mountable dedicated stratum 1 Network Time Server. The units are UK manufactured by Galleon. They are very reliable, have no hard-disk drives and are very accurate. The unit is extremely simple to configure and install. All configuration is menu driven, simply configure the units IP address, network mask and optionally its default gateway and configuration is complete.

The unit has a built in backlit LCD display to provide status information. It can be provided with MSF, WWVB or DCF timing receivers.

A GPS version of the NTS-6001 series is also available.

The units are extensively used by amongst others; Motorola, BBC, BSkyB, British Telecom, Ministry of Defence, Barclaycard, JCB, Allianz Cornhill, Customs and Excise and various Police, Fire and Ambulance Services.

Galleon products are used world-wide: including UK, US, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Australia.

Ethernet Digi wall clock sync NTS-6001-MSF

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  • Highly accurate dedicated NTP time server.
  • NTP Version 4 compliant.
  • 1U High 19" Rack-mount enclosure.
  • Reliable industrial PC based.
  • Flash based Linux operating System.
  • Available with MSF, DCF.


  • Provides accurate timing for any number of network time clients.
  • Reliable, accurate and secure timing resource, inside your firewall.
  • Confidence of a three year warranty for long term reliability
  • Ideal for transaction processing, time & attendance and access control applications.

Accurate and Reliable

The flash based Linux operating system increases stability and accuracy when compared to Windows based operating systems. The complexities of Linux are hidden from the user, configuration is entirely menu driven. The NTS-6001.

Installation and Configuration

The NTS-6001-MSF time server is extremely easy to configure and install. Locate the antenna in a suitable location. Set the units IP address and network parameters via the configuration menu.

Cost savings are achieved by the simple configuration and installation compared to configuring a conventional workstation as a synchronisation resource. Savings continue with the elimination of software upgrade costs and synchronization management.

MSF, WWVB or DCF Antenna

NTS-6001 units are available with MSF, DCF and WWVB. The MSF radio time signal is available throughout the British Isles. The DCF signal is available throughout central and western Europe. The WWVB signal is available across the US. The Server-ARC antenna supplied with the unit can be wall-mounted, outdoors if requied, upto 200m from the time server. It can utilise structured cabling if available.

Radio Antenna Specification

Antenna Type: Ferrite Active Antenna
Frequency: 60KHz (MSF model) 77.5 KHz (DCF Model) 60KHz (WWVB model)
Mounting: Wall Mounting
Construction: Polycarbonate
Antenna Dimensions: 90 x 64 x 56 mm
Weight: 120g
Enclosure: Fully Weatherproof
Operating Temperature: -30C ~ +85C
Maximum Cable Length: 200 meters with CAT3,4 or 5 UTP/STP cable
Connector Type: Junction box

NTS-6000 Specification

Accuarcy ±1 millisecond of UTC typical
Ethernet: 10/100 BaseT RJ45 Auto-sensing. A second Ethernet port is standard
Enclosure: 2U High 19" Rack mount
Dimensions: 483 x 158 x 44 mm
Weight: 2.2Kg
Operating Temperature: -20C ~ +60C
Protocol NTP, Telnet, Browser
Power Supply Universal 85-264 VAC 47-440 Hz CE/UL/CSA Approved PSU
Power Consumption: 12W

The Galleon time synchronisation products have been successfully used in open court by the Police to prove the time and location of an event happening which led to the conviction and imprisonment of the accused.

For a complete list of all our time synchronization products see our Time server page

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