ServerARC Atomic Clock for Windows

The ServerARC atomic radio clock is an accurate radio time receiver for synchronising time on computers and computer networks.

The ServerARC Atomic Radio Clock is an advanced radio time codereceiver. It is available as 3 versions to receive either the MSF (Cumbria, UK), DCF (Frankfurt, Germany), or WWVB (Colorado USA) radio time signals. The antenna is rated to IP65 and can be wall mounted indoors or outdoors up to 200m from the host computer.The unit is specifically designed to provide good signal reception in areas with a poor radiosignal.

The Time-Sync 95/98/3.11/DOS driver can synchronise Windows 95, 98 computers to within milliseconds of the correct time.

AC-500-MSF mf

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  • Provides stratum 1 NTP time server resource.
  • Display ensures easy installation and configuration.
  • IP65 rated antenna, can be wall mounted, outdoors, if required.
  • Up to 200 meters maximum cable length using structured cabling
  • Ideal for low signal strength areas.
  • Requires a single serial RS232 port.
  • USB option
  • Three Years Warranty


  • Reliable, accurate and secure timing resource, inside your firewall.
  • Three years warranty gives confidence of the products long term reliability
  • Ideal for transaction processing, time & attendance and access control applications.

Time-Sync 95/98/3.11/DOSdriver

Time-Sync 95/98/3.11/DOSdriver is a low-overhead Windows 32 bit timing application for Windows 95, 98. The driver constantly synchronises the host computers time.


The IP65 ServerARC Antenna and Time-Sync 95/98/3.11/DOSapplication are extremely easy to install. All that is required is a free serial port on the host computer.

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