Network Time Protocol DDoS Attacks, What’s the Solution?

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Network Time Protocol DDoS Attacks
DDoS attacks hit network time protocol.

A spate of Network Time Protocol DDoS attacks have hit the headlines recently with the BBC and PC World all reporting an increase in such incidents. Has your business suffered? Then read on…

Network time server manufacturers and suppliers, Galleon Systems, understand Network Time Protocol and provide numerous technologies capable of combatting the recent outbreak of Network Time Protocol DDoS attacks. Recently, the BBC made reference to online security specialists Cloudfare, which reported the ‘biggest’ attack of its kind and warned that a key vulnerability of internet infrastructure had been exploited. 

What’s the Solution to Network Time Protocol DDoS Attacks?

Investment in a Galleon Systems NTP time server. As highlighted by recent events, Network Time Protocol is being targeted by hackers and free internet time servers are most susceptible to exploitation. When infiltrated by a DDoS attack the consequences prove dire for many businesses, especially those that rely on accurate time synchronisation for time critical systems.

The primary benefit of investing in a Galleon Systems NTP time server is that the majority of technologies do not require internet connectivity in order to function, immediately eliminating the threat of Network Time Protocol DDoS attacks.

Even in cases whereby a Galleon NTP server does utilise internet connectivity the unit will have a firewall in place. In the rare instance that a Galleon NTP time server’s security firewall is breached, a solution exists in the form of a ‘fix’ to combat the effects of a DDoS attack.     

Therefore, any fears that customers may have about an impending DDoS attack are suppressed because security is safeguarded.

To further highlight the benefit of purchasing a Galleon Systems NTP time server, rather than relying on a free internet time server, independent cyber security consultant, Professor Alan Woodward, had this to say: “A lot of these free internet network time protocols are essential, however, they are not secure.”

With a Galleon Systems NTP time server, security remains the number one priority. Therefore, one-off purchase of a Galleon NTP unit will offer protection against potential DDoS attacks, which in the long-term will save you time and the expense of dealing with the aftermath of a system breach.

The Bigger Picture

Scenario –Your business operation relies on synchronised time, supplied by a free internet time server, you’re hit by a DDoS attack, affecting Network Time Protocol. This results in a complete crash of your computer network, causing chaos to time critical systems and effectively shutting-down your business until the problem is resolved.

In effect, the consequences of a DDoS attack expand beyond damage to computer networks. For instance, security is compromised, a major problem if your business deals with highly sensitive data. The reality is that it’s not only your computer network that is under threat, your entire business operation is at risk.

Galleon Products

Galleon Systems has a range of GPS NTP time servers, Radio NTP time servers and dual NTP timer server units (a combination of GPS and radio technology), the majority of which function independently of internet connectivity. Each NTP server unit is capable of synchronising time for individual computers or entire networks, whilst protecting against the threat of Network Time Protocol DDoS attacks.

Customers can choose from an extensive range of Network Time Servers to eliminate the threat of Network Time Protocol DDoS attacks. The following models are available:

  • The NTS-6001 (available as a GPS, MSF or dual GPS/MSF unit)
  • The NTS-4000 (available as a GPS or MSF unit)
  • The NTS-8000 (available as a GPS, MSF or dual GPS/MSF unit)
Network Time Protocol DDoS Attacks.
Galleon Systems’ NTS-6001, NTP time server model.

Incentives to Invest – Defend Against Network Time Protocol DDoS Attacks

Rather than viewing the purchase of a Galleon NTP time server as a purchase to protect against a DDoS attack, view it from the perspective of protecting your entire business operation.

Hackers are capable of intercepting sensitive data and could force your service offline, jeopardising the ability of your business to operate. The cost of such an incident occurring is not only financial, but time consuming, with time being a commodity you can ill afford to lose.

Investment in a Galleon NTP time server eliminates the need to rely on free internet time servers which, as exposed by the impact of recent DDoS attacks on Network Time Protocol, are fundamentally flawed. The long-term benefits of buying a Galleon NTP time server far outweigh the benefits of relying on a free internet time server.

Other perks of purchasing a Galleon NTP time server include a six (6) year warranty and free product lifetime technical support, guarantees that a free internet time server cannot provide. Allay your fears of a DDoS attack with purchase of a dedicated NTP time server from Galleon Systems.


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