NTP: Inaccurate Time – How Is It Silently Killing Your Company?

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‘Time is money’ in business, right? Inaccurate time could be silently killing your company. Network Time Protocol (NTP) is the prevention. Discover how Network Time Servers can save your organisation valuable minutes & money.

How Is Inaccurate Time Killing Your Company?

The Absence of Network Time Servers

A selection from the Galleon NTP Time Server range.

The cost of lost timeClocking off time, the end of another productive day for your business and your trusty wall clock displays the time as 17.00pm.

Your staff start to leave for the day bidding you a good night, but wait a minute, your computer clock shows the time as 16.50pm, which is in fact the correct time.

It’s only 10 minutes, no harm done. But wait, how long has that wall clock been wrong? Six months? 12 months?

Suddenly, you realise that your business has been losing 10 minutes of valuable work time, per employee, for 5 days a week over an entire year. That’s the equivalent of 4.2 days for each staff member, almost an entire working week, presuming your business hours are Monday – Friday.

Over a period of 12 months you’ve being paying salaries, in full, for less hours from your staff. But all this could have been avoided, if only you had accurate time.

The cost of poor timekeeping – In multi-departmental organisations the absence of accurate time across all departments can result in chain-of-production breakdown.

How? An urgent, large order has been placed for one of your products. The order is only guaranteed if it leaves the warehouse by 4pm.

The order is processed at 10am by the administration team. All the relevant credit checks are carried out to ensure the customer can pay, which is completed by 11am.

The order is actioned and packaged, then you’re informed it’s ready for distribution. Fantastic. To make sure it has left the distribution centre, you give the distribution manager a call at exactly 4pm, well at least according to your wall and computer clock.

“What do you mean it hasn’t gone?” you exclaim. “It’s only 3.55pm and we’re just loading up”, replies the distribution manager. It turns out the clocks across the way in the production department are 5 minutes out of sync. Suddenly, 5 minutes has cost you a £100,000 order, and slightly tarnished your reputation with this particular customer.

Inaccurate Time Ignored

If your wrist watch is out of sync with the bus time table and you miss your bus, resulting in you being late for work, this is a problem for you. So, you adjust your watch to ensure that you don’t miss the next one.

In business, inaccurate time can cause far larger problems. Unfortunately, many organisations take time for granted, until 5 or 10 minute discrepancies between a few clocks creates a major issue.

Without Network Time Servers in place, there is no reliable method of maintaining accurate time across your company, and clocks begin to drift, filtering through the entire organisation.

Ignoring inaccurate time is silently costing your company thousands in lost labour and lost orders. Additionally, you earn a reputation for poor time-keeping, leaving you with a three pronged combination that can bring even the biggest business to its knees.

For Truly Accurate Time, The Only Way Is A Dedicated Time Server

The installation of a dedicated, NTP time server – a device designed specifically for the synchronisation of time across numerous devices connected to a network – is the simple, safe & secure way of achieving total time synchronisation throughout your business.

The NTS 6001 GPS NTP server, manufactured by Galleon Systems, is a prime example of a time synchronisation unit capable of maintaining accurate time across thousands of devices.

Inaccurate time
Galleon’s NTS 6001 NTP Time Server Model.

Why Should I Buy A Time Server? I’ve Heard You Can Get Them Free

It’s true, the internet is awash with free NTP servers and they’re attractive because they’re free.

However, does free mean reliable? The answer is no, otherwise over 3,000 customers wouldn’t be using a Galleon Systems time server.

The flaws of free time servers are numerous, raising questions concerning security because they operate without a firewall, leaving your network vulnerable to attack.

They’re also out of your control, operated from various university campuses and other facilities. If their systems fail, your network is affected.

In reality, free internet time servers have the potential to create more problems than they resolve when it comes to time accuracy.

How Can I Get A Reliable Time Server?

Choose Galleon Systems. We’re a leading innovator in the design and manufacture of accurate, time synchronisation devices.

We have multiple solutions to maintain accurate time in any location on the planet, providing premium products that give your business everything needed to maintain clock accuracy.

To prevent your business falling foul of inaccurate time, order your NTP time server now. Delivered ready to use, all Galleon products come with a six year warranty and product lifetime technical support. Purchase of a Galleon NTP time server is virtually risk free to you because you’re not just buying a product, you’re buying a lifetime service.


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