Does a Dedicated NTP Time Server Improve Network Security?

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Why should I buy a dedicated NTP time server when I can access one for free on the internet? A good question, and usually a decisive one when it comes to making a decision about time synchronisation for your business. However, 3000+ customers use Galleon time servers. Let us explain why….

Speaking honestly, we appreciate that you need to see the value in spending a £1000+ on a system to synchronise time across your network devices. It’s no secret that there are numerous ‘free’ internet based time servers, luring businesses to use them because they’re free. 

Internet time server flaws

However, free is about as far as the benefits stretch with public time servers. There is a fundamental flaw that has plagued businesses relying on internet sourced time, and the flaw is security.

Internet time servers expose your network to viruses and much publicised Network Time Protocol DDoS attacks. How? Internet time requires an open UDP 123 port, which is opened through your firewall.

This ‘hole’ in your firewall can be likened to a hole in the ozone layer. Where a hole exists in the ozone layer, intensifying the impact of the sun’s rays, so a ‘hole’ in your computer network’s firewall increases the potential for a virus to infiltrate your systems, bringing them down.

Dedicated NTP Time Server
Open ports through your firewall leave you exposed to numerous cyber threats.

To compound the issue, if you’re network is hit with a virus, the source of the problem is out of your control.

Internet based time servers are usually hosted by institutions such as universities who are not obliged to help resolve any security issues because you’re using the service entirely at your own risk, much like parking your car in a public car park.

Although the time source is free, the cost of a resulting attack on your network will add up. For as long as your systems are down, your business is on its knees.

As the seconds, minutes, hours or even days pass by, that time represents financial loss and this is before you have to calculate the cost of rectifying the problem.

The point is, free only takes you so far, at some point there will be a cost involved. In the case of free time servers it’s the cost of business downtime or the price of putting right a security breach.

Much like your Experian Credit Report starts with a 30 day ‘free’ trial, before long you’re paying a monthly fee.

Dedicated network time servers

Where internet based time servers fail to provide the complete package, dedicated network time servers step up to serve the time synchronisation needs of your business, not just in terms of providing much more accurate time, but doing so while safeguarding your network.

Just ask the likes of Tesco, Vodafone, E.On, the Bank of England and even Buckingham Palace for Galleon NTP server references, they’ll tell you how our devices not only supply accurate time 24/7, 365 days per year, but maintain network security.

Galleon NTP servers synchronise time across your network from behind your firewall, ensuring that your network remains fully protected.

The value of a dedicated NTP time server to your business

Dedicated NTP Time Server

As cyber hackers become more brazen, and with rising incidents of Network Time Protocol exploitation, the reality is your business needs to take steps to protect itself and its systems.

The role of a dedicated time server extends beyond supplying accurate time across your network, it serves to safeguard time critical operations and ultimately your business.

This is a purpose a public time server cannot fulfil. Therefore, spending £1,000+ on a dedicated time server that supplies accurate time for your business, securely, is justified when you consider the alternative of spending perhaps tens of thousands to undo the damage caused by a security breach.

Ultimately, the value of the dedicated NTP time server to your business is the protection it brings against today’s cyber criminals.

To answer the title question, yes, a dedicated NTP time server does improve network security!

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