Accurate Time: Why is it Important in Healthcare?

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It’s not an exaggeration to say that accurate time plays a crucial part in saving lives. Discover why precise time is pivotal when it comes to healthcare & how NTP servers can aid healthcare facilities.

When Accurate Time Counts – Drug Administering

Every second counts in a life or death situation, therefore, hospitals depend on accurate time. Legally, doctors & nurses are required to record every minute of patient care to avoid potentially fatal consequences.

Accurate time is particularly crucial in hospitals for administering drugs. Exact times must be recorded in order to ensure life-saving drugs are administered at required intervals.

Administer too early & this could lead to further health problems, administer too late & the outcome could prove fatal, potentially leading to lawsuits.

Every aspect of patient care needs to be timed to perfection, mainly because hospitals experience regular staff changeovers.

Therefore, it’s vital that time records are accurate for the purposes of medical staff relaying patient information to each other.

Accurately charting when a patient’s vitals were last taken, and times they have received required medication, aids healthcare personnel in delivering the best care.

When Accurate Time Counts – During Surgery

The operating room also relies on accurate time. Why? It allows medical staff to monitor the amount of time that has lapsed during a critical situation.

Timing is everything when resuscitation is necessary during cardiac arrest scenarios.

For instance, the UK resuscitation council’s guidelines for resuscitation recommend that doctors should attempt resuscitation procedures for at least 15 minutes after cardiac arrest.

One clock, out of sync by one minute, could potentially cost a life.

Anaesthesiologists also rely on precise time in order to administer anaesthetics at correct intervals.

Mistiming a dose of anaesthetic could lead to several complications.

For instance, in the USA 24% of ‘at risk’ hospital patients suffered complications due to anaesthetics between 2000 & 2002.

Staying in the US, a proportion of surgeries are covered by medical insurance, so an accurate time record of healthcare is vital to both hospital & patient.

When Accurate Time Counts – Healthcare Administration 

Keeping any healthcare facility running efficiently is dependent on accurate time. Hospitals, GP surgeries & dentists all rely on precise time to meet appointments and manage staff changeover.

Wasting time has serious implications on functionality.

Accurate time is also vital to computer networks. Many of the processes carried out by a healthcare facility’s computer network require precision timing to backup databases that hold patient records.

Literally every clock, in every corridor, on every ward, in every waiting area or every operating room should be in sync for the protection of patients, staff & the institution as a whole.

Galleon Accurate Time Solutions

To ensure clock accuracy throughout hospitals, GP surgeries & dentists, Galleon designs & manufactures accurate network clocks & displays.

Galleon’s Power over Ethernet [POE] Analogue Clock, for example, is perfectly suited to the surroundings of any healthcare facility & can be synchronised with any of our NTS or TS NTP servers.

Accurate Time
‘The POE Analogue Clock from Galleon Systems.’

Utilising Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP), hundreds of these clocks can be synchronised from one PC linked to a network.

The clock is connected to your network by an Ethernet port. No additional wiring is required, making installation inexpensive and allowing for easy repositioning when required.

If you’re in need of a digital option, Galleon has a range of 4 digit & 6 digit timepieces. 4 digit devices display hours and minutes, while 6 digit clocks show hours, minutes and seconds.

Similar to the POE Analogue Clock, the 6 digit NTP clock functions using Power over Ethernet and hundreds of these timepieces can be synchronised from one PC. The time on these devices is automatically updated to ensure constant time accuracy.

What Differentiates Galleon Products From Others?

Galleon devices are used by over 3000 customers that rely on total time accuracy.

We’re chosen because we provide a complete solution, supplying NTP time servers that connect to computer networks which supply hundreds, sometimes thousands, of clocks and devices with accurate time.

Our time servers are particularly popular because they come with an industry leading, 6 year warranty.

Additionally, all our products come with free product lifetime support.

Plus, we know our time servers are improving the timekeeping of hospitals.

Jack Abuin of Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, had this to say about the GPS NTP Server:

accurate time“We are happy with your GPS NTP server.

We use the device to maintain accurate time throughout our server environment, and to  date, this device has worked flawlessly.

The GPS antenna is in constant contact with at least 3 GPS satellites, and the unit itself  maintains very accurate time.”

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